We aim to be a leading African investment company with a diversified focus both in terms of sectors and regions. Never just a financial partner, we always seek opportunities where we can add significant value through a combination of networks, expertise, relationships and skill. We strive to be adept, fast-moving and flexible in our approach, whilst always maintaining a strong focus on building sustainable partnerships.

“Invictus” is Latin for “unconquered”. This encapsulates how we operate as a group, consistently seeking opportunities or partnerships and doing everything within our power to ensure that the said opportunities and partnerships are successful.

Furthermore, the term “unconquered” highlights our mindset of operating within inclusive environments and embracing transformation.

Our Vision

To be the most admired investment company in our territory.

Our Mission

To provide our clients the best products and services with superior craftsmanship at competitive prices.

Our Values


We constantly encourage, celebrate, embrace and reward excellence


We know that teamwork will take us further than we ever imagined and that our commitment to constantly deepen our sense of accountability makes us better people and a great organisation.


We believe that integrity is about upholding standards not just in our workplace but also beyond