Invictus Construction (Zambia) Limited is the Group’s construction company that is based in Zambia. Invictus Construction Zambia provides construction management and pre-engineered metal building services to a broad range of commercial and private clients.

 The company was incorporated with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) with the registration number: 120150134692. We pride ourselves in solving modern-day civil engineering and construction challenges and ensuring successful completion of projects.

Invictus Construction provides general contracting, construction management and pre-engineered metal building services to a broad range of private, residential, commercial and industrial clients in Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia. Anchored by loyal employees who are dedicated to providing superior service, and grounded in the philosophy that honesty and integrity are as important as the bottom line, Invictus Construction enjoys an impeccable reputation amongst its clients and has never failed to complete a project timeously.

We strive to conduct its business fairly and honestly with consideration to the long-term expectation of all its stakeholders. Competitive tendering, professional management, quality construction, an excellent safety record, a proven ability, cooperative and proactive approach have ensured delivery of only the highest quality workmanship and Client satisfaction in both public and private sectors.

Ultimately, our success in this business is measured one project at a time. After the completion of each project we undertake, there must remain a satisfied client – one who will ask us back for the next project and recommend us to others. Otherwise, we have failed in our mission of providing superior construction services. We simply try harder, and the results speak for themselves.

We employ modern project management methodology ensuring the triple constraints of time, quality and cost are well balanced. Our core competence is our ability to schedule concurrent short and long-term construction activities and then effectively manage both for timely project completion. We consistently meet and exceed our Clients’ expectation. At Invictus, quality is never compromised.