We are an African focused mobile marketing agency.

Invictus Technologies (Pty) Limited is a Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) – meaning that we can connect into the cellular network operators to run mobile marketing campaigns. The company operates out of Nigeria and Botswana respectively. The company was incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria with registration number: RC 1336336 and we are also incorporated under the Companies Act in Botswana with company number: CO2016/3971.

As a division of Invictus Group, we’re committed to creating and managing mobile marketing campaigns across the continent. Working closely with brands and agencies we provide the technology and expertise with a range of attractive mobile channels that make up the mobile marketing mix. All elements of our mobile marketing campaigns are created, developed, managed and cared for by Invictus Technologies’ staff, allowing us to meet timelines and ensure quality every time.

Our mobile platform supports a range of mobile channels such as SMS, MMS, IVR, USSD, LBS, MXit, WeChat, Mobi and of course Apps.

Our Services

  • Bulk SMS
  • Premium SMS
  • Premium USSD
  • USSD
  • Mobile Billing
  • Content and Campaign Management
  • IVR & Voice services
  • Airtime distribution
  • Customer surveys (digital)