Invictus Group has identified new areas of growth in the agricultural sector. We believe we can bring value to agribusiness then we will sure be your home companion through our company; St. Kilda Farms Limited.

St. Kilda Farms is a vertically integrated business which controls most aspects of its poultry production process. St. Kilda Farms hatches, raises, and processes chickens and turkeys. In addition, it manufactures its own feed, runs its own refrigerated trucks to bring its birds to market, and operates processing plants across Nigeria.

Although St Kilda Farms currently focuses on chickens and turkey, the company’s intention is to deploy licensed affordable greenhouse technology across Nigeria and expand into dairy, cattle and agricultural produce within the next year. St. Kilda will establish greenhouse farms with greenhouse units and harvest organic produce such as tomatoes, green peppers, okra, beet roots, cucumbers, carrots, apples, spinach, lettuce and other vegetables. St Kilda will expand to a point where its units will yield over 300 tons of fresh produce annually.

As the world’s population continues to grow, traditional agriculture puts increasing pressure on our planet’s finite resources. St Kilda Farms decouples food production from those resources by relying on nature’s abundance of sunlight and saltwater to grow the world’s food industry — not just profitably, but also sustainably.

Our Mission

To be the premier grower of food, profitably produced and in harmony with nature and our communities


Our Values

Growing food profitably and sustainably to support our global community

Our Beliefs

People, planet and profits can grow together in harmony
Nature is our partner, to be emulated and not exploited
Delicious, fresh and natural food can be affordable for all
In scarcity there will be opportunities for abundance

Our Commitments

Forging win-win partnerships with our stakeholders
Pioneering and innovating our systems and methods
People, planet and profits can grow together in harmony
Learning from failure and adapting to achieve success